Young men today are faced with unique  challenges. Some make  poor choices and benefit from an environment where temptation  is reduced, structure is consistent, and skills are taught daily.

The Lynnhaven Boys Home is a residential group home for boys aged 13-17. The program serves boys with behavioral/emotional/mental health issues who are unable to remain in their homes without risk of detention, commitment, or removal by Child Protective Services. Realizing that lasting change cannot occur without family treatment and involvement, family counseling is a required component of the program in all cases except those in which the youth is in the custody of the Department of Social Services.

With a capacity of 12 boys, the Lynnhaven Boys Home provides the support and structure needed to make positive changes. The average length of stay at the group home is four to eight months, determined by the resident’s progress on his individualized treatment plan.

Referrals to the Lynnhaven Boys Home are accepted from the Juvenile Court Service Units and the Departments of Social Services throughout Hampton Roads. Placements are also made on the recommendation of the local Family Assessment and Planning Teams (FAPT).

The Lynnhaven Boys Home offers the following services:

  • Individual and family counseling;
  • Substance abuse group counseling, using laboratory-confirmed urine drug screens;
  • Aggression Replacement Training, an evidence-based model program that addresses social skills, anger control, and moral reasoning;
  • Gender-specific groups that address the male role in society and healthy intimate relationships with others;
  • Aftercare, providing 90 days of follow-up services and case management after graduation from the Boys Home;
  • Academic support and literacy services, including collaboration with the public schools and literacy sessions four times per week; (Click here to read about Tidewater Youth Services Foundation’s Academic Support and Literacy Program.)
  • Recreation and pro-social activities, including participation in the Commission’s Outdoor Adventure Program.

At the Lynnhaven Boys’ Home, we believe that every young man we serve, no matter how troubled, possesses special talents, strengths, and potential. We believe each has the capacity to change – and maintain that change – when they return to their   community.  We are here to help them and their families as they struggle through this process.

For more information, or to make a referral, please contact William Wimbish, Deputy Director, at 757-488-9161 or [email protected].