Treatment Components

Tidewater Youth Services Commission is committed to using evidence-based practices in all of its services.  These services are provided by experienced staff who have received specialized training and certifications.  Modalities are primarily cognitive behavioral and utilize motivational interviewing, a stages of change framework, and experiential learning.

  • Aggression Replacement Training – A.R.T. is an evidence-based Model program and is the primary treatment modality of Tidewater Youth Services Commission. Read more about Aggression Replacement Training.
  • Family and Individual Counseling
  • Gang Intervention services were developed in response to a need identified by our partners in the area juvenile court service units.  Read more about Gang Intervention Services.
  • Academic Support and Remediation – Having a low  level of educational achievement is a risk factor for delinquency.  Many of the youth served by the Tidewater Youth Services Commission struggle academically and read well below their grade level.  To address this issue, the Commission’s charitable partner,  the Tidewater Youth Services Foundation developed and operates the Academic Support and Literacy Program, which currently operates at the Westhaven Boys Home and the Lynnhaven Boys Home.  The Foundation plans to extend the service to serve more youth. Read more about this program on the TYS Foundation website.  In addition to the Foundation’s literacy program, the Commission works closely with each client’s home school to assure educational services are in place.
  • Recreation and Cultural Activities – Youth who are served by the Tidewater Youth Services Commission are exposed to a variety of recreation and cultural activities.  The Outdoor Adventure Program, funded by the Tidewater Youth Services Foundation, provides opportunities for canoeing, trail biking, and even fishing on the Chesapeake Bay.  The Foundation also has memberships with area attractions like the Virginia Sports Hall of Fame and Museum and Nauticus, providing wonderful outings for our youth.  Grants from the Virga Foundation and the AGL Foundation (Virginia Natural Gas) provide funding for youth to take classes at d’Art Center in Norfolk.
  • Substance Abuse Services – Substance abuse services, including both assessments and treatment, are offered throughout the programs of the Tidewater Youth Services Commission.  Assessments are provided by a Certified Substance Abuse Counselor (CSAC).    The evaluation includes interviews with the youth and parent/guardian,   completion of the Substance Abuse Subtle Screening Inventory (SASSI),   the Adolescent Problem Severity Index (APSI), and Urine Drug Screen(UDS). All drug screens receive a medical confirmation and strict chain-of-custody   procedures are followed.  The Commission uses LabCorp, a Substance   Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) approved testing laboratory.  Treatment/counseling services may be provided individually, in a group setting (Tidewater Juvenile Substance Abuse Program), or both.
  • Step-down Transitions from more restrictive placements – Tidewater Youth Services Commission will customize transitional services for youth returning to the community from correctional centers, residential treatment facilities, and group homes.
  • Electronic and GPS Monitoring Services
  • Therapeutic Mentoring
  • Life Skills Coaching
  • Independent Living Skills
  • Family Crisis Team
  • Reentry and Parole Transition Services