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Community-Based Clinical Services

The Community-Based Clinical Services Program of the Tidewater Youth Services Commission offers a variety of services:

  • Tidewater Juvenile Substance Abuse Program (Substance Abuse Assessments, Education, and Treatment)
  • Aggression Replacement Training
  • Franklin School-Based Case Management Program
  • Juvenile Conference Committees
  • Thinking For a Change
  • Life Skills Coaching
  • Therapeutic Mentoring

Intensive Supervision Programs

Tidewater Youth Services Commission offers four Intensive Supervision Models:

  • Challenge Outreach for Youth
  • The Pre-Dispositional Sanctions Program
  • The Parole Transition Program
  • The Violation Intervention Program

Reentry Program

The Reentry Program is funded by the Virginia Department of Juvenile Justice. This program prepares youth for a successful return to the community from a juvenile correctional center and helps ensure that he/she avoids further court action or involvement in the criminal justice system

Tidewater Youth Services Commission

Programs of the Tidewater Youth Services Commission use a variety of Evidence-Based interventions:

  • Aggression Replacement Training
  • Trauma Informed Cognitive Behavioral Family and Individual Counseling
  • Thinking for a Change
  • University of Cincinnati Cognitive Behavioral Intervention \ Substance Abuse Program

Westhaven Boys Home

The Westhaven Boys Home is a residential group home for boys aged 12-17. The program has a dual function, serving as both a post-dispositional/longer term treatment center and as a pre-dispositional detention alternative/emergency shelter for foster children or for teens in crisis. With a capacity of 13 boys, the Westhaven Boys Home provides the supervision and treatment needed to foster positive attitudinal and behavioral changes.

Crisis Intervention Home

The Crisis Intervention Home (CIH) offers an alternative to secure detention and serves as an emergency shelter for youth aged 13-17. The program works to stabilize youth and their families and helps them to clarify and resolve crisis situations. As an intensive, short-term crisis intervention program, CIH works to provide a safe, nurturing, supportive living environment until the youth returns home or a more permanent placement can be found. The length of stay at the Crisis Intervention Home can range from one night to several months, based on the individual situation.

Lynnhaven Boys Home

The Lynnhaven Boys Home is a residential group home for boys aged 13-17. The program serves boys with behavioral/emotional/mental health issues who are unable to remain in their homes without risk of detention, commitment, or removal by Child Protective Services. Realizing that lasting change cannot occur without family treatment and involvement, family counseling is a required component of the program in all cases except those in which the youth is in the custody of the Department of Social Services.

Apartment Living Program

The Apartment Living Program works with males (17.5 to 20 years of age) that have been involved with the Juvenile Justice System who are returning back into the local community. The majority of our residents will be returning to the community with minimal family support or resources. Our clients are in need of independent living skills and some of the program services offered to them are as follows: Individualized serviced plans, individualized counseling, Independent Living Workshop Groups, Education Placement Support, Vocational/Employment Placements support, Money Management, etc. Clients are expected to complete an independent living workshop curriculum which covers the listed topics as well as an array of other topics.

About Tidewater Youth Services Commission

The route to adulthood is a journey. For many young people, this journey is difficult, filled with seemingly overwhelming obstacles. They may make mistakes, lose sight of their destination and leave behind their hope for a bright future. Their families can become overwhelmed and uncertain about what to do. The Tidewater Youth Services Commission is here to help.

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